Project Management.
Double Bay Projects can enter the project life-cycle at any point and add value immediately to your ongoing work. Our services through the life-cycle are as below, though not an exhaustive list, this is how we plug into businesses to help deliver on their competitive advantage. If you have a specific need that you are looking to fill, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Engineering Oversight.
Oversight of the engineering process and when required, working with our strategic partners to provide engineering services

Stakeholder Management.
Management of stakeholders with clear and effective communication. Enabling efficient use of time to achieve coordinated effort.

Supply Chain management.
Management of the flow of goods and services through the project to reduce lag and lead times and creating efficiencies.

Estimating is a common stand-alone product, provided as a burstable resource to allow organizations to maximize opportunities. Our strong estimating background lets us provide accurate fixed-price contracts where required.

PM Process